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25 July 2007 @ 02:00 pm
I Get So Tired of Certain Things  
My ex-boyfriend is so fucking full of himself.  Seriously!  He's not even a cool person.  He's an ugly loser with no friends who sits around and plays video games all day in his dark room.  What reason does he have to be full of himself?

I'm just really tired of his "eliteness."  Like the other day I was showing him my pictures from Florida.  I was all excited like any person who went on vacation would be and his response was along the lines of  "They're not that great.  If you took you out and they'd be like every other Florida picture taken."

Wow... thanks.

Apparently he's "so much better than my new boyfriend" because he doesn't drink.  Hah!  Okay.  That makes you "better" than most of the population.  I guess they're missing something though, because I'm looking at you, and you're still and single ugly tard.

Then he claims my new boyfriend is whipped because he went to prom with me, and was actually kind of looking forward to it.  Not like my ex who refused to go.   He also used to tell me which girls I should look more like and my flaws... but never, ever complimented me.  Or anytime when I was proud of something he'd find some way to crash my small ego.

And people wonder why I have self-esteem issues?  Probably because I was with that jerk for two and a half years!

Looking back on my times with Brian make me even that more happy to be with Jon... who compliments me every moment he can, who tries to actually do things with me other than sitting around and crushing my ego... and he's a lot better looking. :)
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